No signal after updating my iphone

I also include some temporary solutions and user-defined fixes shared via forum posts by other i Phone owners who have dealt with similar issues on their device. If the SIM card is damaged, then it’s time to get a new SIM card. After removing and re-installing the SIM card, reboot your i Phone.

However the move to i OS 10 has not been plain-sailing for everyone.

Some users have complained that they see the No Service message on their i Phones after upgrading to i OS 9.3.

The fix for this issue has not changed and it still remains the same as prior i OS versions.

After an i OS 10 glitch left i Phone users unable to update their devices over wifi, forcing them to connect the smartphone to a Mac or PC via USB.

Users have complained about terrible battery drain, and slower speeds since updating to the new operating system.

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